Storytelling Links for Teachers 

Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss, authors of the book Children Tell Stories: Using Storytelling in the Classroom, which serves as my principal guide for teaching storytelling, provide a wide variety of ideas and resources in this section from their website.

The educational website of Heather Forest, renowned storyteller specializing in musical renditions of a wide variety of folktales. Contains a wide variety of resources, including lesson plans, extensive story links and simplified story versions for student telling.

Aaron Shepard has a great collection of stories, including Reader's Theatre versions, organized in a variety of manners, including by genre, geography and religion.

Extensive website intended for general audience, including adults. Lots of links, a few of them out of date, to stories and storytelling process.



Varied collection of about 300 simply presented folk and fairy tales, legends, myths, riddle tales and a few recent picture books. All are screened by a test group of kids for high interest, and selected with an adult eye to instilling (in a non-preachy manner) values like kindness, courage, friendship and gratitude. This non-profit educational site also includes folklore based audio stories, reader's theatre and lesson plans.

Huge, comprehensive collection of Winnebago Indian folklore and mythology arranged by subject matter