11 minute sampler of stories & songs, all appropriate for children & families & many suitable for adults as well. 01 - Introductory slides to Jon's studio recording of "My Daddy Rides That Ship In the Sky," by Woody Guthrie - with banjo; 00:35 - Making balloon dog, singing mountain song, "I Had a Dog and His Name Was Blue;" telling tall tale of "The Split Dog" using balloon dog; 3:18 - call & response song - "We're All A Family Under One Sky," by Ruth Pelham - with guitar; 4:02 - African trickster tale - "Anansi and the Hat Shaking Dance;" 6:35 - Story-song with banjo - "Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase;" 9:08 - Irish folk tale, "Jamie O' Rourke and the Big Potato," as told by Tomie de Paola; 9:52 - Latin American folk song with motions - "En la pulga de San Jose"


Excerpts from a seniors square dance at Camp Caraway, NC: 001- Intro - Photos of family dance at elementary school; 021 - Band performing, "Goin' Down That Road Feelin' Bad;" 039 - Walking dancers through star and arches in "Dip and Dive;" 1:19 - Dancing Dip & Dive to music; 1:45 - Dancing Appalachian Big Circle - Take a little peek & mountaineer loop figures; 2:30 - Jon weaving dancers through Big Circle finale; 2:50 - Couple dancing freestyle to the "Tennessee Waltz."

Concerts at Johnson Street Global Studies (K-8), September 20, 2016
Concert 1: K-3 – Around the World in Stories, Songs and Books
00 Song: “We’re All a Family Under One Sky”
2:00 Start of slide show – Native Americans
3:22 – 9:16 – Tlinget Indian (Alaska) myth/ trickster tale - “How Raven Stole the Sun”
9:40 slides – Introduction of Europe and books retelling folk tale, “Stone Soup.”
10:50-18:22 – Story-song: “Stone Soup”
18:27 - Slides – Fractured versions of Three Bears & books by Tomie de Paola
20:43 - Slides introducing Latin America, markets and instruments in song
22:15-26:14 – Spanish language song: “En la pulga de San Jose”
26:20 – General plug for reading
27:00 slides - Introduction of Joe Hayes, storyteller, and his bilingual book of Hispanic folk tales
27:34 –stretch
28:58 – 34:37 - Bilingual folktale, “Mariposa”
34:36 – slides - Variants of Mariposa as La Cucaracha Martina
35:52 – slides of Andes Mountains and excerpt from book, Love and Roast Chicken
37:20 – Story sharing -The Paper Crane, by Molly Bang told with slides of book + closing comments on interpretation of book as a tribute to stories and their sharing

Concert at Johnson Street Global Studies 9/20/2016
2nd concert: Gr 5-7 – Stories, Songs and Books Around the World
0:20 – Introduction from curriculum coordinator
1:41 – General introduction from Jon talking about his travels through countries and through books
2:31-4:45 – Song – “We’re All a Family Under One Sky”
4:53 – slides – Introduction of world, Middle East and Islam
7:14 – Introduction of Nasredin Hodja and telling of wisdom tale, “The Hungry Clothes”
12:35 Book talk – Extra Credit, by Andrew Clements
15:00 slides – Introduction of Latin America
15:44 – slides - Introduction of song, “Mi casa es su casa”
17:38 – 19:40 – Preparing volunteers to play rhythm on song
19:40 – 22:20 – Bilingual song: “Mi casa es su casa”
22:45 Introduction of Olga Loya, story collector and teller, presentation of folktale, “Tía Miseria”
33:45 – slides of Guatemala depicting indigenous people who have suffered from injustice
38:04 – Book talk – Colibri, by Ann Cameron
42:20 slides – Other Hispanic chapter books – Esperanza Rising and Star In the Forest – and biographies of Cesar Chavez
44:39 – slides – European folk songs and tales traveling to western North Carolina; ballad singers in Madison County
46:49 – Folk ballad: “The Devil and the Farmer’s Wife”
49:49 – Book talk of Rump: The True Story of Rumplestiltskin, by Liesl Shurtliff
53:50 – slides - Introduction to folktales of Africa and Haiti and to book, The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales, retold by Diane Wolkstein
55:44 – 57:35 Folktale, “Owl” from the Magic Orange Tree beginning portion (See explanation below)

Concert at Griffith Elementary School – June 7, 2013
Concert performed during Camp Read-a-lot, school-wide reading promotion

1st concert – 3rd & 4th grades
00 – Song. "We’re All a Family Under One Sky" – guitar
2:03 – Bilingual Song w/ guitar - Intro: Reading takes us to many places - “Mi casa es su casa,” by Michele Valeri
6:52 –Song w/ banjo - Intro: Points of view in books – “The Fox Went Out On a Chilly Night”
9:45 – Tall tale. Intro: Fiction vs non-fiction; possum’s trick ; French words - “The Cajun Possum”
14:20 – Song w/ mtn dulcimer - Intro: “Living and learning” naturally with books - “Swing & Turn, Jubilee”
17:44 – Song w/ guitar. Intro: Reading brings us different experiences. –“ The Summer Reading Song”

2nd concert – kindergarten & 5th grades
0:00 - Introduction
00:21 – Song w/ banjo. Intro –Bouncing my baby with this song - “Jig Along Home,” by Woody Guthrie
3:49 Song in Spanish w/ guitar. Intro – the word “pulga” & miming the musical instruments - “En la pulga de San Jose”
8:11 Tall tale. Fiction and non-fiction, possum’s survival trick - French words– “The Cajun Possum”
13:04 Song w/ mountain dulcimer. Intro: Living & learning naturally with books – “Swing and Turn, Jubilee”
15:51 Song w/ guitar. Intro – Rules & attitudes we learn in kindergarten serve us through life. – “The Kindergarten Wall,” by John McCutcheon